Stay Ahead of the Curve With Powerful Integrations

Torque360 integrates seamlessly with all the services you use in your auto repair business—saving time, money and increasing efficiency at every turn. Whether you want to use Nexpart for parts ordering, QuickBooks for accounts management or just Plivo for SMS communication, our suite of integrations have you covered.



Convenient Parts Ordering

  • All parts sellers in one place
  • View/save order history
  • Linked with the biggest part vendors such as AutoZone & NAPA


Look up vehicle details instantly

  • Fast VIN Lookup
  • View/save order history
  • Easy part ordering and purchasing


Reach the Right Audience

  • Manage & balance your books easily.

  • View growth & revenue reports.

  • Say goodbye to double data entry.


Plivo Messaging

Reach the Right Audience

  • One-stop email marketing platform

  • Easy customer communication
  • Market your business efficiently

Twilio SMS

Fast, Interactive Messaging

  • Instantly send and receive messages
  • Connect with customers
  • Unlimited messages

Twilio 2-way SMS


Robust Vehicle Search

  • Look up vehicle details instantly

  • Advanced VIN decoding

  • Add vehicles effortlessly