Managing and Growing Your Business Has Never Been Easier

Auto repair and other service businesses face numerous challenges, but most are caused by lack of efficiency in managing their operations. Torque360 helps business owners focus on their core business activities while eradicating the hassle of using different tools for managing their shops. Whether you want a seamless payment solution or shop management software, Torque360 has you covered.

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Shop Management

Torque360: Say goodbye to manual operations at your auto repair shop. Torque360 is integrated with Quickbooks, CARFAX and Nexpart to cover all your shop needs. Spend less time managing your shop and more on what you love: repairing cars!

POS System

Torque POS: Use a single point-of-sale system for all automobile industries and fast-track your invoices, inventory management and reporting. Take your business anywhere with you using our cloud-based POS system.

Payment Solution

Torque Payments: Best-in-class payment rates with no terminal rental fee. No need to get locked in long contracts. Making hassle-free payments has never been easier. Experience the joy of next-day deposits and no hidden charges with Torque Payments.



Reimagining the Automobile Industry – Powered by Digital Solutions

To establish market leader position in all verticals associated with the automobile industry by developing integrated all-in-one shop management and marketing solutions, delivering unparalleled quality.



To roll out the most feature-packed yet the most easy-to-use suite of workflow management and POS software and marketing services, driven on the fuel of innovation – covering 360 degrees in all the specialized fields of the auto services industry, loved by workshop owners and mechanics alike.

Our Core Values

Creating a True All-In-One Auto Repair Solution

360° Solution to Scale Any Auto Repair Business

Salman Sarwar (CEO & Founder of Torque360) started his entrepreneurial journey by entering the auto repair vertical. Previously, he contributed to the overwhelming success of RepairDesk in the cell phone & computer repair vertical by capturing a major market share in the industry.

Armed with the experience and the SaaS success playbook in hand, he set out to create a solution to help auto repair shop owners manage and improve their business workflow. This whopping $880 billion is plagued with clunky workflow and mistrust issues. All auto-services businesses get a share of their industry’s perception problem.

Torque360 has equipped auto repair business owners with a robust and functional shop management and payment system that makes their day-to-day tasks easy. The next logical step was to provide our customers with integrations and tools to help them with technicalities in repair jobs. This is why Torque360 is integrated with Quickbooks, CARFAX and Nexpart.

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Our Workspace & Culture

Growth Mindset

Ownership Of Business

Collective Success

These are the things the Torque360 team believes in. We believe in constant growth, fast-paced workflow and the drive to innovate and we want to shatter the usual office job concept by creating a work environment that encourages people to come together, brainstorm and solve problems.

Cultivating a culture of recognition is the secret to creating a rewarding workspace.

We’ve done away with the stark white, prison-like workspace decor of a typical office. A literal Mustang frame hangs from the ceiling – a testament to our dedication to the automobile industry. To enhance the “auto industry” vibes in the workspace, we have an entire wall dedicated to the instrument cluster of the said Mustang: Speedometer, tachometer, fuel & oil pressure gauges and all.

The Torque family’s culture spreads beyond the confines of office walls: Trips, lunches, dinners, and other events are common, giving everyone a break every now and then.

Next Step: Torque Digital

Salman visited the U.S. to see how auto repair shops function and what other problems could be solved. It was surprising to see such hard-working businesses struggling to find customers. The obvious culprit was the lack of marketing. Someone needed to get the word out. This is why Torque Digital – digital marketing solutions for the automobile industry – was created.


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Shop Management

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