Instantly Search Vehicles Using VIN/Plate Lookup

With Torque360 auto repair shop software, get vehicle information instantly using VIN and plate numbers at the click of a button.

  • Save minutes on every check-in

  • Perform more accurate parts lookup

  • Reduce costly errors when ordering parts

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Retrieve vehicle information quickly and easily with CARFAX integration.


CARFAX is trusted by millions worldwide for its accurate data.


Decode VIN and plate numbers easily within Torque360.



Torque360 is integrated with CARFAX features for all of our customers. You now have access to valuable time-saving tools, visibility into vehicle service history and more, at no additional cost – it’s all part of your current subscription plan.

With over 65,000 shops already using these tools to grow their business, all of our customers can use QuickVIN to their advantage.

Your system is now set up with:

  • CARFAX QuickVIN to instantly convert license plates to VINs

  • CARFAX Service History Check to view a full-service history

  • Credit on the CARFAX Report for service work performed at your shop

  • Advertising in the CARFAX Shop Locator

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CARFAX Service History Check Overview

Access to every CARFAX Service Record, regardless of which service shop performed the work.

Make Better Service Recommendations

by identifying unperformed maintenance during check-in

Build Customer Confidence

with trusted information from CARFAX

Increase Ticket Averages

by turning your technicians into trusted advisors with the power of the CARFAX data

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How to use CARFAX with Torque360

VIN Decoding

Click on Add Customer in the RO window.

Go to Add Vehicle Details.

Select VIN from the dropdown menu.

Enter the VIN or click on the scan button.

Plate Lookup

Click on Add Customer in the RO window.

Go to Add Vehicle Details.

Select Plate Lookup from the dropdown menu.

Select the state and enter the plate number.

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Save time by using CARFAX with Torque360!

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CARFAX has a huge database, but there are cases when the VIN you’re trying to enter is not in that database (usually with VINs outside of the US and Canada).

With Torque360, you get unlimited VIN and plate lookups.

Yes! If you don’t want to manually type in the vehicle identification number, digital vehicle inspection software helps you scan a barcode to enter the VIN.

Yes. CARFAX Service History will only collect the store number, repair order close date, mileage, repair order number and services performed.