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Auto Repair

Say goodbye to scheduling chaos and inventory headaches. Streamline your repair shop operations, manage appointments, and track repairs with ease using our automotive POS software.

Don’t let disorganized inventory slow you down.Take control of your tire inventory, track sales, and deliver exceptional customer service with our specialized POS software for tire and wheel shops.

Oil Change/Quick Lube

No more long wait times or manual processes. Our POS software automates oil change services, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Motorcycle Repair

Power up your motorcycle repair shop with our comprehensive POS software, designed to optimize workflow, streamline inventory, and increase customer satisfaction.

Auto Detailing

Unlock the full potential of your auto dealership. Our automotive POS software simplifies sales management, inventory tracking, and creates a seamless buying experience.

Car Wash

Revolutionize your car wash business with our intuitive POS software, empowering you to efficiently process payments, manage memberships, and enhance customer loyalty.

Customizable Auto Repair POS Software

Do you have a tire shop? Switch to the tire shop categories and the fields/columns will switch to include details related to tires, such as disposal fee, tire sizes etc. Running an oil change/quick lube business? Switch to it and things like viscosity and volume will appear. Best of all, you are not limited to these options! Create your own template and use them to manage inventory and payment efficiency- the sky’s the limit with automotive POS software.

Accept Multiple Payment Methods

Torque POS software accepts multiple payment methods, so you can cater to a wide range of customers. Some people prefer paying with cash, others with credit cards. You can cater to all of them. This auto repair POS software supports multiple payment methods. Don’t lose out on customers just because your software doesn’t let them pay the way they like!

Manage Inventory Like a Pro!

Once you start using Torque auto repair POS software, worrying about inventory is a thing of the past! The software intelligently gives slow stock and restock alerts. And that’s not all, you can see the total stock value well, so you know which parts are worth keeping. You can also import inventory from a spreadsheet to make migrating data as easy as 1 2 3!

Seamless Experience = Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Your customers expect a seamless and professional experience, and with the best point of sale software for automotive repairs business, you’ll be able to provide just that. From quick and easy invoicing to real-time updates on the status of their repairs, keep your customers informed and satisfied every step of the way as you gain their trust! Share invoices with a single click and let your customers pay from anywhere! Now that’s convenient.

Access From Anywhere

Take control of your business with our cloud-based POS system, which is accessible from anywhere. This makes it easy to check inventory levels, run reports, and process payments no matter where you are.

Customizable For Your Needs

Every automotive business is unique –Torque POS is designed to be customizable. You can choose the columns and fields. Have a tire shop, a full-service repair shop, or something in between? Try Torque POS.

24/7 Uptime

Your business never stops, and neither does our software. With 24/7 uptime, you can be confident that you’ll never miss a payment or lose access to your data.

Robust Inventory Controls

Keeping track of inventory is important. Torque POS offers a unique set of inventory controls so you can stay one step ahead and never run out of stock for your business.

Looking for auto repair software to manage your repair shop?

Drive Your Business Forward Using Detailed Reports

Running a successful auto repair business requires making informed decisions. But how do you make informed decisions? With auto repair POS software! You get real-time analytics and insights to help you make better decisions and drive your business forward. Want to know when your stock of wiper blades will run out? The software will give you stock insights! How much profit did you earn three days ago? Open reports!

Feature-Packed But Easy To Use

You’re busy running a business and don’t have time to learn a complicated new system. This is where the automotive POS system comes in! That’s why we’ve designed our software to be easy to use and user-friendly. With intuitive navigation, clear and concise interfaces, and a focus on simplicity, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Dedicated Support When You Need It

We’re here to help, and our dedicated support team is always just a phone call or email away. Whether you need help with setup, training, or troubleshooting, we’re here to answer your questions and make sure that you’re getting the most out of our software. Our goal is to help you run your business in the most efficient method possible.


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Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about Torque POS software.

An auto repair POS system is a point-of-sale software specifically designed for the auto repair industry. It provides an easy to use solution for managing order requests, invoicing, payment processing, inventory management, and more.

The software provides real-time updates on the status of their repairs and allows for quick and easy invoicing, creating a seamless and professional experience for customers.

Yes, our point-of-sale software is designed to comply with industry standards and provides secure payment processing, protecting your customers’ sensitive information.

Yes, we’ve designed the software to be easy to use and user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and a focus on simplicity. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large business, the software is very easy to learn!

Yes, our dedicated support team is always just a phone call or email away, ready to answer your questions and provide assistance with setup, training, or troubleshooting.

You can view the items in your inventory, see their total value and the software alerts you whenever you’re running low on stock!

You can see the following reports and analytics in the automotive repair POS software:

  • Sales-by-Item Reports
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Tax Reports