Auto Repair Estimating Software

Get Auto Repair Estimates Approved Faster

No more paperwork, no more printing. Create detailed estimates faster than ever before and send them to customers with a single click. Get approvals from your customers faster with automotive repair estimating software

auto repair Estimating software
Create Detailed Estimates with Auto Estimating Software

Create Detailed Estimates Quickly

Easily fetch vehicle information by entering VIN or license plate number using auto repair estimating software. Torque360 eliminates the need to enter such data manually. Simply enter VIN/plate number and the software will fetch vehicle information instantly!

No need to add markups individually to every item. With pricing matrices, you can set price ranges to add markups automatically based on preset prices. Save time and quote prices faster than ever before.

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Unparalleled Convenience

Add photos during inspections and attach them to estimates, so your customers know exactly what needs fixing. DVIs save time and increase transparency towards your customers.

Speed up the estimate creation process by using pre-built jobs called canned services. You can even create unlimited customized canned services for the most popular jobs!! Avoid repetitive data entry and reuse your custom jobs. The sky’s the limit!

Add technician recommendations to estimates with a single click and create jobs using technician recommendations feature. Eliminate manual entry and data duplication easily with auto estimating software.

auto repair estimate software
auto repair estimate online

Get a Bird’s Eye View

With Torque360 auto estimate software, you can add discounts to every individual line item easily to protect your profit margins so you can show them in the bills generated by auto repair invoice software.

With the Sales Summary report, you can view:

  • Parts/supplies cost

  • Labor cost

  • Miscellaneous expenses

  • Average RO price

  • Total invoiced amount

  • Total revenue

Torque360 provides in-depth reporting systems so you can monitor your entire shop from one place. View:

  • Appointments booked

  • ROs created

  • Inspections completed

  • Estimates/Work Order generated

  • Jobs in progress

Say Goodbye to Paperwork

With Torque360 auto repair estimate software, you can either authorize estimates manually on the estimate window or you can get them approved by customers via email or SMS. Enjoy the freedom of using both options.

Your mechanics can communicate with each other via comments in the repair order window. Your service advisor can stay in the loop without leaving the desk. Every important bit of information is delivered directly through notifications auto repair invoicing software.

Stay updated with everything happening in your auto repair or RV repair shop with activity logs for estimate creation, approval and much more. Auto estimate software keeps track of everything happening in your repair shop.

automotive estimating software

Integrated With The Best

Easily access the incredible features of QuickBooks for managing accounts, creating invoices, timely insights and reports and availability of tracking GST and VAT without chances of errors using auto repair estimating software. Generate estimates quickly and give your customer an accurate quote of the price.

Order parts using Nexpart multi-seller integration from Torque360. Order parts from Nexpart and all prices will be added to invoices automatically, saving you a lot of time and manual clicking.

By using CARFAX VIN and license plate lookup, you can search for your customer’s car details. Search for car make, model, year and much more using CARFAX QuickVIN integration with Torque360.

Looking for Something Else?

Convert estimates into invoices with a single click. Create invoices with your business name and logo easily with the best auto repair invoicing software.

Enjoy the best payment rates so you can generate more profit. Torque Payments allows you to accept digital and contactless payments.

Give transparent and trustable inspections to your customers by attaching photos and videos against every part in inspections.

Turn customer concerns and technician recommendations into repair jobs and send shareable estimates to your customers for fast approvals.

Give your technicians a separate dashboard to help them track their assigned jobs, earnings, working hours and much more.

Schedule multiple appointments and send automatic maintenance reminders with auto repair software

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You can create as many estimates as you want and share them with customers for fast approvals using Torque360 mechanic estimate software.

You can send estimates to customers via email or SMS with a single click using our online vehicle repair estimate system.

Yes! You can view a customer’s history including approved and declined estimates.

Yes, you can use VIN and plate lookups with Torque360 car repair estimate software without any added cost!

Every estimate is just a look-up away. This is one of the many ways auto repair estimate software helps you save time!

Yes, auto repair estimating software lets technicians and service advisors add relevant notes and photos to estimates as well as inspections.