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Create Quickest Estimates with Auto Repair Software

Quickest Estimates. Fastest Approvals.

Create jobs based on tech recommendations and add them to estimates with a single click. The auto shop management software eliminates manual entry and the risk of data duplication.

During inspections, take photos and attach them to estimates, so your customers will know exactly what needs to be fixed. DVIs in auto repair shop software save you a lot of time and helps you create accurate estimates faster than ever before.

Torque360 is integrated with MOTOR so you have easy access to labor guides, part diagrams, wiring diagrams and repair procedures. Creating estimates is extremely quick and easy with auto repair estimating software.

DVIs Made for Your Convenience

Even though we all want to save time and perform more, manual operations hinder your efficiency. You can customize inspections to meet your needs by using auto repair shop management software. Create your own inspection templates for the vehicles you inspect commonly to save tons of time.

During inspections, take photos using digital vehicle inspection software and attach them to estimates, so your customers will know exactly what needs to be fixed. DVIs are time-saving and give your customers more transparency because your customers can view the damaged parts.

Use automotive repair software that is integrated with OBD scanners. Within seconds, the device will detect problems in the vehicle and generate an error code. The software will automatically recognize the issues and add them to Tech Recommendations.

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auto repair software

Get Paid Faster

To help keep your profit margins high, Torque360 auto repair business software brings Torque Payments to provide you with the best rates on every transaction.

Torque Payment offers superfast payment processing. Don’t worry about any delays. Take advantage of next-day deposits and quick payment processing to complete more jobs in less time.

Sometimes, your customer will just ask for an estimate instead of a full repair job. This is where quick checkout comes in handy. Create estimates for your customers quickly without creating repair orders.

Grow Your Business

Using auto shop management software, you can view profitability reports for parts and labor in your estimates. Get detailed profit reports straight from Torque360. No need to use third-party programs.

Torque360 auto repair software lets you easily add discounts to each individual line item to protect your profit margins. Your customers can view discounts and taxes in the invoices so they always know what they are charged for.

Torque360 car repair software helps you retain your customers by sending out maintenance reminders to your customers. This encourages existing customers to visit your shop again.
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Get More Cars In Your Bays With Auto
Repair Shop Digital Marketing Services

Powerful Integrations for Seamless Workflow

Easily add vehicle information to inspections using blazing fast VIN decoding and plate lookups powered by CARFAX. Creating inspections is now easier than ever with digital vehicle inspection software.

Need to order some parts for repair? You don’t have to go looking for reliable part vendors. Nexpart is a multi-seller platform for auto repair parts. With the Nexpart integration, you can use the auto repair software to order parts directly from your estimates.

With Torque360, you have easy access to labor guides, wiring diagrams, part diagrams and repair procedures. This makes creating estimates a breeze as everything is a click away. Get accurate information straight from the leading repair guide provider: MOTOR.

Powerful Integrations for Seamless Workflow
auto repair shop software

Go Digital

In the repair order window, your mechanics can communicate via dedicated chat. This allows your service advisor to stay connected without leaving the desk. Information is delivered directly through notifications in your auto shop management software.

Rather than discussing estimates over the phone, send your customers a link to get estimates approved digitally over SMS and email. Get estimate approvals wherever you are using auto repair shop software.

With Torque360, create purchase orders for parts you use in jobs. When using Nexpart integration, purchase orders will be created automatically. You can also create purchase orders separately for parts ordered outside Nexpart.

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

Access your calendars from anywhere because Torque360 auto repair shop software is a cloud-based solution. It doesn’t matter if you are not near your PC. As long as there is an internet connection, you can access your dashboard from any device.

Automotive repair software allows you to send scheduled maintenance reminders, so your customers know when their vehicle needs a checkup. You can also send promotional offers to customers directly from the program.

You can embed Torque360 appointment widgets on your website using auto repair scheduling software. Your customers can schedule appointments directly from your website. Your Torque360 dashboard is automatically updated with the appointments.

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Yes, you can start a free 14-day trial to test out Torque360 features.

Absolutely not! All you need to do is sign up to use Torque360! There’s absolutely no contracts or hidden charges to get started.

Yes, Digital Vehicle Inspections are available in all tiers of Torque360. You can attach photos and videos to inspections to let customers know what needs fixing!

Yes, you can use VIN and plate lookups with Torque360’s car repair software without paying an additional fee!

Yes, Torque360 is fully integrated with your favorite tools such as CARFAX, MOTOR and Nexpart so you can have the complete auto repair information at your fingertips.

Technicians and service advisors can add relevant notes and recommendations to estimates as well as inspections when using auto repair shop software.

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