Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Build Your Customers Trust- Give Transparency In Inspections

Are your technicians spending too many hours on manual inspections? With Torque360, you can perform multiple impactful inspections within seconds using vehicle inspection software – Do more repair jobs in less time.

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Digital Vehicle Inspection Software
Robust Detailed Inspections

Boost Sales With Digital Vehicle Inspections

Paper inspections are a thing of the past. Torque360 allows you to go digital and practice transparent multimedia inspections. Now you can do multiple inspections while attaching pictures using modern digital vehicle inspection software.

Digital inspections help you increase your shop transparency so that no customer is left feeling in the dark. Attach images with every inspection you create so that customers accept your repairs confidently.

Go unlimited with Torque360
Do your inspections with ease & speed like never before! Use digital vehicle inspection software and create multiple inspections against one repair order.

DVI software provides customers crystal clear digital vehicle inspection reports that can be sent easily with a single click. Torque360 enables technicians to comment and customers to text over repair jobs. Let your customers make their decision wisely with peace of mind.

Easily check customers previous service history with your repair shop. This simplifies the process of creating new services for customers. Let top-notch customer service quality shine through!

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Digital Inspection Templates

If you are in a hurry and want to do a standard inspection on your customer’s vehicle, simply hold your iPad and mark the condition of the vehicle. The following color indicates the condition of the car:

  • Red– Needs immediate action
  • Orange– Needs attention
  • Green– OK

No need to do manual inspections anymore. Have a fine experience with your digital inspections.

Want to do meticulous inspections for your customer’s vehicle? Car inspection software takes your inspections to the next level. Just tap on detailed inspection in your software and do a detailed inspection of vehicle accessories, belt drive system, body and other specific parts. No more cumbersome manual checklists.

We all want to save time and perform more but manual processes jeopardize our efficiency. But Torque360 allows you to customize inspections according to your needs. Create your own custom inspection templates for different vehicle types to accelerate the inspection process.

Car inspection software
Unlimited Custom Templates

10x Faster Digital Inspections

Start using digital solutions in your auto repair shop. Use automotive repair software that is integrated with the OBD scanners. Within seconds, the device will detect errors in the vehicle and create a tag with their information. These errors will be automatically added to tech recommendations.

Waiting for customers to arrive at your shop to approve inspections? It doesn’t have to be this way, customers don’t have to hang around your repair shop. Send inspections directly to your customers’ email. With Torque360 become a shop of convenience for your customers.

With Torque360, you can do more in less time. As soon as your technician finishes an inspection,  they can easily add the repair jobs to an estimate by adding technician notes. This lets you turn your inspections into estimates and then invoices using auto repair invoicing software.

Communication That Matters

While you create a repair order for your customers. You take their notes so your technician can see them while inspecting their vehicle. Torque360 values every customer concern.

After your technician does digital inspections using DVI software, they can add his notes in front of every repair job. To make customers understand better about the given repairs.

New diagnoses? At times when the technician starts working on the customers’ vehicles, he identifies new issues manually. To avoid any disputes in the end he can easily chat and communicate with customers and update inspection on the repair order.

DVI Software

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Digital inspection is a vehicle inspection that your techs perform using digital vehicle software. It saves time for your technicians and lets you give accurate inspections.

You can make unlimited inspections in one repair job for your customers. Torque360 helps you go unlimited.

Yes, you can customize your templates, easily modify them based on the vehicles that come into your shop.

You can give transparent inspections to your customers by adding images to your digital inspection using digital vehicle inspection software.

Manual inspections are a thing of the past now. They consume a lot of time and make customers skeptical. Digital inspections are accurate, and by adding images, you give impactful inspections to customers.

You can send your digital inspections directly to customers’ email address or send them via SMS. Or you can download and take a PDF copy and give it to customers.