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Dedicated Technician Portal- Track Your Time & Productivity

Are you tired of manually tracking your productivity, earnings and deadlines? It doesn’t have to be this way. Torque360 allows you to focus on the trade and let the software manage the rest, have instant reports about your day-to-day tasks and much more. Empower your techs with technician management software.

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Meeting Your Deadlines

Time to pay your technicians? When you have a lot on your plate at once, managing and tracking the time of each member of your team isn’t easy. But with Torque360, you can easily check your technicians’ clock in/out timings. It allows you to pay each employee in accordance with the actual time they spent on their job. No confusion with our time tracking software. Easily have visibility of the job, process payroll and keep an eye on employee productivity.

If you’re the owner of a small business, it can be difficult to manage your team 100%. This is where the right software comes in. You and your team members can stay on the same page with each other. Have innovative discussions with your team members. Keep all of your service advisors and technicians synced together.

On a heavy-duty day you can’t be running to update your service advisor for a completed job. Torque360 helps you save time while boosting productivity. When a technician updates the technician portal against any repair order, it automatically notifies service advisors and customers. It’s that simple and easy!

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Real Time-Reports

Want to have more working hours clarity? When it comes to hourly workers, calculating and tracking working hours can be tiresome. It’s hard to measure the logistics behind the clock every time. Torque360 understands your stress and let’s shop owners and technicians measure their daily, weekly and monthly working hours. This management software empowers the techs team!

You cannot afford to waste any minute of your employees’ time. This amazing software helps you track your technicians’ performance to figure out who is completing more jobs. It also helps technicians to see where they need improvements and how they can increase their productivity.

As a technician you don’t need to worry about calculating and tracking your earnings anymore. It’s all on your dashboard in front of you. While you do your work, Torque360 will do its work and create a report for you. It’s that convenient! A full pocket is a happy pocket!

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Keep Up With Every Task

We know you love repairing. That’s why Torque360 has made it easier for you to stay on top of every job. It notifies you as soon as the service advisor assigns you a task. So even before you walk into your shop, you will know what your task for the day is. Take care of all your calendar appointments.

Worrying about workflow status? Running to bays to check the status of customers’ vehicles? With Torque360, it’s not even a problem anymore. As soon as a new repair order is created, or your technicians start working on it. You will be notified immediately, and you can check the status within seconds. It has three statuses:

  • Pending
  • In progress
  • Ready

As a service advisor, you don’t have to wait for your technicians to be in front of you so that you can assign them services. As soon as your estimates get approved, you can assign your technicians their jobs with deadlines. To avoid any disputes at the end, you can also include customer concerns against every repair job. Time-saving software! Technicians can easily see their newest assigned tasks at a glance.

Do you want to deliver on time? Meet your customers’ expectations every time. With auto repair software, you can meet your deadlines. Using this software gives your technicians access to real-time information about when they need to deliver back to customers. With technician management software they can easily see their deadlines.

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Manage Everything Within Software

Want to do the fastest inspections in seconds? Go digital with Torque360 and make your inspections more transparent and hassle-free. If you are a mobile technician and want to make your inspections more trustable, you can attach images/videos to them. Give more authenticity to your inspections!

Want your customers to be more satisfied with your services? While using our technician management software, you can engage with customers in a personalized way. Technicians can add their shop-specific notes in front of every repair job to make them understand better. This software enhances your transparency with customers. Take care of every customer!

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Yes, you can easily track their productivity. You can track their clock in/out timings and easily check the working hours of your technicians. That lets you have a better idea about their productivity on each job.

You can check their working status against each repair job on the job board. There are three statuses: pending, In progress, Ready. As soon they update their job status you will be automatically notified.

Yes! You can assign your technicians their tasks using Torque360 software, you can create jobs for them even before they appear at your shop.

Your technicians can view their portal, they will simply make an account and have access to their own dashboard.

Yes, technicians can monitor their total earnings. They can customize and set it to daily, weekly, monthly earnings. According to their own choice.