MOTOR Integration

OEM Repair Information At Your Fingertips

Torque360 integration with MOTOR lets you access mechanical real-time labor guides, repair procedures, car wiring diagrams and much more, without leaving your auto repair shop software. No need to use separate software to get all this information. All the information is right here in your software!

MOTOR Labor & Parts Guide
Accurate Data

Accurate Data

MOTOR provides accurate OEM vehicle repair information for light vehicles.

All Data in One Place

All Data in One Place

View real-time labor guides, repair procedures, car wiring diagrams, parts guides and more in Torque360.

Credible History

Credible History

MOTOR has been in the automotive repair industry for over 100 years, providing reliable data.


Access Real-Time Labor Guides

Access OEM mechanical repair times for light vehicles from Torque360. MOTOR OEM real time labor guides include both mandatory and optional repair operations. Information covers most domestic and imported cars and light trucks. Using MOTOR labor guides, you can view the industry standard cost and time it takes to finish a particular repair job. This not only improves transparency with your customers, but it also helps you create estimates faster than ever before.

Parts Guide

MOTOR integration with Torque360 lets you use parts guides for all your mechanical repair jobs. This helps you know which parts you need for the repairs so you can create accurate estimates for your customers. Remove the risk of ordering incompatible parts that you can’t use. MOTOR parts guide helps you see which part goes with which car, saving you a ton of time and money in the long run.

Vehicle Search (YMME)

Using MOTOR integration, you can search for vehicles using the year, make, model and engine. Using 4 clicks, you can add any vehicle that is in the MOTOR database. If you don’t have the VIN or license plate to look up a vehicle, MOTOR vehicle selection helps you add one in seconds!

View Repair Procedures

MOTOR Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service information is optimized for the most common maintenance and repair operations. This ensures accurate and efficient vehicle service regardless of the vehicle make and model. Repair procedures guide your technicians through a repair job, ensuring quality and a successful repair job. Does your customer have an imported vehicle you’ve never worked on? Simply open the repair procedure for that car and get the job done.

Use Wiring Diagrams

With Torque360, you can easily view OEM automotive wiring diagrams for the most common repair operations. These diagrams are color-coded to make them easier to read for you. Say goodbye to the complexity of electrical diagnosis and trace every wire and fuse to the right place using MOTOR car electrical wiring diagrams. View, download and print MOTOR vehicle wiring diagrams for your convenience.

View Technician Skill Level Required

MOTOR repair information includes the technician expertise required to finish a repair job. This helps you assign the jobs to suitable mechanics. Every job has an expertise letter assigned to it for easy reference. You don’t want to give a very complicated repair job to a beginner tech – MOTOR integration helps you with that!

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How To Use MOTOR With Torque360

Getting started with MOTOR in Torque360 is very simple.

1. Select Service Guide from the Estimates screen.

2. Select the data you want to view:

a. OEM Labor & Parts guide
b. Repair procedures
c. Car wiring diagrams

Car Wiring Diagrams and Repair Procedures
Auto Labor Guide

How To Use MOTOR Vehicle Selection

To add a vehicle using MOTOR vehicle selection:

1. Click on Search Vehicle in the top bar.

2. Click Vehicle Selection.

3. Select the appropriate year, make, model, submodel and engine.

4. Create a new RO or estimate to add the vehicle.

How Does MOTOR Integration Help You In Your Auto Repair Shop?

MOTOR repair information integration helps you quote costs and quickly create estimates for your customers. Furthermore, the repair information also includes repair procedures and wiring diagrams so your technicians can work on any car, old or new.

Motor Labor Guide
MOTOR Labor Guide

How Reliable Are MOTOR Labor Guides?

MOTOR frequently updates the repair database so you get the most up-to-date repair information possible. MOTOR has been a market leader in auto repair information for over 50 years, and is the industry’s go-to vendor for repair information.


Yes, you can book a demo with a dedicated account manager to see Torque360 x MOTOR in action. MOTOR integration is only available in the Torque Growth plan.

MOTOR updates the repair data once each month to keep the information as accurate as possible. The updated data is automatically added to Torque360.

No, MOTOR repair information does not include data for electric vehicles such as Tesla.
No, MOTOR offers real time OEM labor guides and other data for the commonly used vehicles by an average consumer. This means rare and exotic vehicle data is not available.
MOTOR only offers parts guides for OEM parts in its database. You cannot view parts data for aftermarket products. However, you can view more information about aftermarket parts with our Nexpart integration.

No! MOTOR labor guides are part of the auto repair software. Simply pick a plan and start using the integration.